PHP Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb has developed a Clinical Test Report Website which offers online order service of clinical laboratory tests. A customer (a patient or a physician) can browse through different tests and their details, order a test online, pay for the test via secure payment gateway, and receive results online through a site.

The website offers extensive features to handle advertisement management, catalogue management, content management, and site subscriptions amongst other back office administration features.

The website has a special member zone to allow architects/end users to view and download the objects and drawing files in more than 13 CAD-CAM formats (e.g max, dwg, dxf, ddd, png, rfa, dgn, 3dm, pln, vwx, skp, pdf, aof, 3ds, obj etc) to improve object evaluation process. In addition, it contains supplier interface to allow them to update online objects, catalogues and track interest and number of visitors to their object portfolio.

Tools and Platforms

  • PHP, MySQL, Apache


  • Catalog management to manage category, subcategory, products and price
  • Content management including real-time image upload and database search results
  • Order Management providing real-time order tracking system with order history, order details and change order status facility
  • Communication system with configurable predefined email templates
  • Extensive report generation based on different criteria like Date, Category, Product, User, Invoice, Orders, and Inquiry.


  • Users register themselves online by filling up a simple registration form.
  • After successful login, users order a test and pay the required payment online through a secure payment gateway.
  • Samples will be collected/received via appropriate means.
  • Users can view a list of all the previous orders placed under their account, track the status and other details of all previous orders placed with their account.
  • Users can change their passwords, email addresses, edit addresses, specify default billing and shipping addresses, and even delete addresses.
  • Reports are delivered to the user-specified destination (email/hard copy).