Online Hindi Radio Station aims to bring entertainment capsules from around the world with a wide array of LIVE radio shows such as current hits, unforgettable melodies from the yesteryears, interviews and biographies of the legends of Indian cinema, juicy tit-bits and news from Bollywood, spicy interviews and new releases. It also features news on the hour, live cricket updates and live RJ programs. Besides, it includes communication features that allow the subscribers to chat with RJ and request for a song.

This application provides the subscribers with worldwide access to live radio broadcasts via their desktop application or through web browser, thus letting them enjoy listening to this online radio station from anywhere in the world. Moreover, apart from bringing desktop convenience to users, it also provides 24×7 access to programs thereby continuously engaging the audience.

Tools and Platforms

The website contains the following features :

  • User Registration and User management
  • Subscription Management (Gold, Silver)
  • Advertisement and banners
  • Chat Room
  • Program Schedule
  • Live RJs
  • RJs Profile online
  • Direct RJ Window / RJ Message Window
  • Special Message Window for RJ
  • Refer a friend
  • Integrating payment gateway
  • FAQ’s

The desktop application contains the following features :

  • Signup process and authentication
  • Streaming permission authentication
  • Subscription-based authentication and access rights to listen to live radio
  • Radio Functionalities (Play, Stop, Pause, Mute, Volume Control etc.)
  • Other Information (RJ’s profile, RJ’s ON AIR, Coming-up programs)
  • User Profile Management through application
  • Advertisement display in application window
  • Capsules for RJs
  • Capsules for FEEL THE STATION
  • Upgrade version.