Product and Pricing Administration interfaces with key component of Product and Pricing engine that enables clients to dynamically price mortgage loan applications in real time as well as manage all of the variables that control program eligibility and price.This application is a classic three–tier web application designed and developed by Java Application Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb. It works with a browser as the client talking to middle tier that sits on the application server that in turn talks to the final tier at the database. The middle tier is implemented as Java Servlets and JSPs using the Apache Jakarta Struts 1.1 Web MVC Framework.

All the functions are strut actions that are accessed through the Struts Action Servlet. JSPs are only used for display purposes and never for business logic. The entities covered in the system are Lender, Program, Product, Rule and Rate. The functional areas included are Approved Lender Administration, Approved Lender Program Administration and Rate Sheet Administration.

Tools and Platforms

Apache Tomcat 4.1, Oracle9i, JDK 1.4, Struts