Organizational performance management system developed by software product developers in India

Software Product Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided software product development services to develop a web application for online organisation performance management system This web application provides integrated web-based performance management tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity based management. This system is tailored to specific requirements and can be deployed easily and rapidly throughout organisation, thereby saving money and enhancing quality within operations.

Tools and Platform

Internet Information Server 5.0, SQL Server 2000, Active Server Pages


  • Knowledge Database: Connects and manages documentation to support process activities in a structured manner (e.g. flowcharts, procedures, frequently asked questions, etc). This can be used as a multi-purpose information source for new and existing staff to help them understand and perform their work more effectively.
  • Time, Volume and Cost Data Capture: Enables people doing the work to log their actual and forecast time and the related volumes by process activities. This provides information on productivity and rework as well as establishing unit cost of activities. Time is captured automatically via an in-built timer.
  • Balanced Scorecards Dashboards: A comprehensive reporting suite to analyse actual versus forecast performance for staff, operational, customer and financial dimensions of the business.
  • Performance Management of People: A way of linking staff reward directly to the metrics achieved from balanced scorecard and drives the right behaviours in the organisation. This innovative aspect allows bonus schemes to be devised and awarded by flexibly weighting the metrics by importance and populating the information into each individual’s Performance Review form.
  • Fully integrated reporting capabilities which has Standard reports can be saved as ‘Myreports’ for instant retrieval
  • Full backup capability
  • Individual access rights configuration.
  • Budget costs by cost type – department and process level
  • The toolset is designed around an activity-based tree structure. The multi-dimensional hierarchy structure comprises the following components that are configurable according to organisational or process-driven structure: Company, Department, Process, Sub-process, Activity / Product, Customer.
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