As a PHP Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has developed this Online Travel Booking Portal wherein visitors can explore and check the availability and price of hotels, package holidays, car hire, flights, airport parking, airport lounge and airport hotels to book them. The system has been integrated with various third party services to provide integrated portal and features to portal users / customers, thus making online travel booking smooth and convenient.

Tools and Platforms

Functionalities / Features / Modules

Extensive features in the administrator side were required so that administrator can email to the subscribed users the latest and attractive deals. A feature-rich content management system was the need of the client so that the administrator can update the deals, pictures and content of the website on a regular basis.

The features in general included

  • Catalogue management to manage category, subcategory, products and price
  • Content management including real-time image upload and deal search
  • Booking management providing real-time information on the availability of seats/rooms
  • Communication system with configurable predefined email templates
  • Extensive report generation based on different criteria such as Date, Category, Product, User, Invoice, Orders and Inquiry.

The overall process involved following functionalities

  • Users register themselves online by filling up a simple registration form.
  • After successful login, users can search for flights, hotels, cruise and holiday packages and book online by paying through secure payment gateway.
  • Users can view a list of all the previous bookings under their account.
  • Users can change their passwords, email addresses, edit addresses, specify default billing and shipping addresses, and even delete addresses.
  • Confirmation reports/tickets are delivered to the user-specified destination (email/hard copy).