Java Programming services were provided to develop this system which is an online intranet–based sales management and reporting system.

Key features

  • Admin Interface to define Organisation Structure, Employees, Departments, Approval paths, Type of Sales Slips, Products and Subcontractors
  • Customised Look and feel such as colours, fonts, etc. of the pages controlled by parameters in the Admin interface
  • Work flow implementation through product type & order value wise Approval path and Rejection path
  • Web based reports at all levels of employees with security
  • Budget and Estimates with approvals
  • Summarised reports based on designation of employee and department
  • CSV generation for reports for importing and analysing the reports in spreadsheet applications
  • Dynamic PDF generation for dynamic PDF reporting on browsers

Tools and Platforms

IBM Web sphere, DB2, JSP, servlet, Java Development Kit 1.2


Two Application servers with load balancing running IBM Websphere on Linux, One database server running DB2 on Linux, Clients can run it through any web browser 4.x + versions. Japanese character sets and encoding fully supported both for Web Interface and PDF.