Java Programming – Project Management and Social Networking Portal Reengineering

Java Programming expertise is provided to reengineer a collaborative and networking portal for an IT solution provider in USA. It has been furnished with a set of tools to easily capture, store and deliver important information to facilitate document sharing among project teams for collaborative project work in an online environment. This web portal allows users to copy and share all types of documents, in all formats such as WORD and EXCEL, including images.

Volusion Templates for an Online Store Dealing in Western Saddlery and Cowboy Clothing


An Online Store dealing in Western Saddlery & Cowboy Clothing for one of the clients in Australia is redesigned by providing Volusion Templates Design services.

The client is a well-established western saddlery and cowboy clothing store in Australia. Their store offers various western saddlery and cowboy clothing items such as saddles, halters, reins, spurs, stable accessories, roping accessories, breast collars, bridles, shirts, jeans, caps and outerwear.

Java Application Development – Mortgage Application

Product and Pricing Administration interfaces with key component of Product and Pricing engine that enables clients to dynamically price mortgage loan applications in real time as well as manage all of the variables that control program eligibility and price.This application is a classic three–tier web application designed and developed by Java Application Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb. It works with a browser as the client talking to middle tier that sits on the application server that in turn talks to the final tier at the database. The middle tier is implemented

Volusion Design Configuration of an Online Store Dealing in Gemstones and Jewelry


Volusion Design services are offered for a portal of gems and jewelry for one of the clients in India.

The client is a reputed store dealing in precious gemstones and jewellery and operating in India. Their store offers various types of gemstones and jewelery such as gold, silver and diamond jewelery, gemstone necklaces, loose natural diamonds, loose gemstones, spiritual and Vedic gemstones etc.

Volusion Templates Design Service to an Online Store Delivering Computer Accessories


An Online Store delivering Computer Accessories for a client based in Australia is provided Volusion Templates Design service.

The client is a reputed online retailer and technology consultant of computer accessories which focuses on leveraging the latest computer hardware technology to improve business productivity and efficiency and operating in Australia. Their store offers a wide range of products such as Tablet PC’s, Toughbook Accessories, Generic Accessories, LCD and Plasma Displays, Multimedia Accessories, Networking and Communications Accessories, Printing and Imaging Accessories etc. The store also showcases computer accessories under “deal of the

Software Development for Travel Agent Portal

Software Development Company, Elegant MicroWeb provided services to develop the Sales and Marketing portal for a client based in Japan. PHP Development services were also provided to develop a travel portal which is used as a bridge between customers and tour operators, and the whole process is managed by an Administrator. Using this Sales and Marketing Portal platform, tour operators can display information of their tour and package and book clients. The application accommodates Japanese language interface.

Volusion Templates Design Services for an Online Store Trading in Trendy Clothing


Volusion Templates Design service is provided for a Trendy Clothing online store for a client based in USA.

The client is a well established fashion clothing eStore operating in USA and offers various trendy and hip fashion clothing for youth and adults such as trendy t-shirts, polo t-shirts etc. The clothing designs are inspired by spiritual quotes from the Holy Bible.

Software Product Development Services for Employee Redundancy Management System

Online employee redundancy management system developed by software product development expert in India

Software Product Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb has developed an online administration and management information system to assist in the administration, tracking and targeting of redundant workers. This Online Employee Redundancy Management Software provides a national framework for a consistent and coordinated public sector response to dealing with companies in difficulty at all stages, including redundancy. Apart from providing effective and valuable management information, the system generates easily understandable reports.

Software Product Development Services Provided for Organization Performance Management System

Organizational performance management system developed by software product developers in India
Software Product Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided software product development services to develop a web application for online organisation performance management system This web application provides integrated web-based performance management tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity based management. This system is tailored to specific requirements and can be deployed easily and rapidly throughout organisation, thereby saving money and enhancing quality within operations.