Payroll management system developed by software development company in India – Elegant MicroWeb

Software Development Company, Elegant MicroWeb developed a Payroll Management System, which is basically a stand-alone windows-based business application. It provides a wide array of functionality, from registering and managing basic information on companies and employees to salary processing, bonus processing and year-end adjustment for employees. The application is equipped with Japanese language user interface.

Tools and Platforms

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Integration Development Environment, Microsoft Access


  • This payroll system provides a user friendly User Interface for user management with access privileges, salary rules for the company, provision and deductions, departments, designations, employees, banks, bank branches and address details of employees.
  • Provides the UI and Processes to maintain Salary Ledger and Bonus Ledger for individual employee.
  • Provides the User Interface for Year-End Adjustment for individual employee.
  • Provides the User Interface to upgrade the Social Insurance charges for individual employee.
  • Provides a number of rich reports for this system such as monthly salary slip, monthly provision-deduction list, monthly attendance list, money notes list, salary transfer list, salary ledger, wages ledger, year-end adjustment book and monthly changes calculation checklist.