PHP developers at Elegant MicroWeb provided CMS development services for a Corporate Portal of a Fire Equipments Manufacturing Company for a client based in UAE.

The client required a portal that would display information regarding energy, environment and consumer goods, enabling cost-effective fire protection products to the fire prone industrial sectors. It displays fire protection products such as ambulances, extinguishers, foam equipment and systems, pumps, doors and frames, hydrants and cabinets etc.

The portal is developed with custom CMS framework and incorporates various CMS driven web pages for HomePage, Products and Events. Background Images are changed dynamically according to the selection of pages. It also facilitates the user to download brochures and specifications.

The portal also provides facility of generating the timeline (with company history) and sitemap dynamically, user can specify the years for timeline as per the requirement. PHP developers at Elegant MicroWeb also offered CMS development services for multi-lingual support in three different languages namely English, Arabic and French.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL


  • Display various fire-protection products
  • Content Pages like Home Page, Products, and Events etc.
  • Automatic Generation of Timeline and Sitemap
  • Multi-lingual Support

Technical Competency

  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database design
  • Design and Development
  • jQuery /JavaScript
  • Graphical Layouts and Design
  • Custom CMS development framework