PHP Development services are provided to a client based in Singapore for designing a Property Portal.

The Property Portal developed by a PHP Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb, is a versatile, extensive platform designed for property agents, dealers as well as customers. Visitors to the portal can access a vast storehouse of updated information in a single vibrant space.

Agents who wish to use the portal need to first register and create a profile. After registering, agents can create groups, post messages, upload files, photos, videos and testimonials. Customers can then search for the most popular agents, cast votes and even find, invite and add friends.

The portal allows customers to search residential, commercial or overseas properties that are available for Sale or on Rent. Properties can be searched by location, number of bedrooms, size and price. Interested customers can also search and locate overseas properties using an interactive map or by selecting countries.

Tools and Platforms


  • Search for residential, commercial and overseas properties
  • Search properties by location, bedrooms, size and price
  • Create groups, Upload files, Photos, Videos and Testimonials
  • Search for agents, cast votes
  • Find, Invite and Add friends
  • Publish latest notices and email alerts

Technical Competencies