PHP Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has designed and developed an ORBA (Online Rebate Bidding Auction) portal for one of the clients based in Singapore.

The portal that Elegant MicroWeb, an expert PHP Developer has developed, offers variety of features and functions organized according to different categories of interest for various users.

The portal has three independent interfaces namely – User, Administrator and Vendor and is accessible only to registered users/members. The portal incorporates comprehensive functionalities to manage the account balance of members and is integrated with PayPal secure payment gateway for easy and secure online transactions.

The ORBA Portal allows Users to create a profile, add and manage friends, send and receive internal messages, create and manage wish lists, view account summary etc. Administrators can add vendors, approve products for auction, manage advertisements and add/update the latest products and prices on portal.

After signing up, Users/members can bid for products that Vendors have listed. Members can view all listed products, compare different products and place their bids. Using the portal, members can order products for a required or predefined quantity (bulk purchase) following which, vendors offering the selected product can offer their respective rebates. Members can then opt for the best deal and thus choose the vendor offering maximum rebate. Thus, members can successfully bid for and purchase products based on their credit balance or by making online payments through PayPal. Each activity will alert Admin, Vendor and Member by emails.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end : PHP 5.x
  • Back-end: MySQL


  • Separate interfaces for Vendors, Users and Admin
  • Content pages categorized by Product Categories
  • Online bidding with Product and Vendor details
  • Mega deals offered with validity period
  • Administrators regulate the product display
  • Product Search by brand, size, price and specific characteristics
  • Sort product listings according to their price; from low to high and high to low
  • Ability to Compare products
  • View Vendor listings based on products offered at specified prices
  • Vendors can create profile, connect and expand their network and offer rebates
  • Internal messaging with peers
  • Shopping cart (with PAYPAL integration)for secure online buying

Technical Competencies