PHP developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided PHP Development services for a Prepaid Car Rental Portal for one of the clients based in Singapore.

User can hire a prepaid car for rent through this portal. The portal facilitates all necessary functions required for car hiring. Car rent is fixed for daily and weekly basis as per the selected car models.

Regular customers get discounts on car hire and become part of their frequent customer programs. The portal also offers various discount coupons for supermarkets and amusement parks on car hiring. Users can make selection of car based on specific models and features such as air conditioner, power steering, power windows, and central locking system etc, each having diverse price rates.

PHP Development services were also provided to integrate Google map to locate the car rental stations throughout the country. The payment transactions are executed through PayPal, a highly secured and authentic payment gateway.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front End: Core PHP
  • Back End: MySQL


  • Performs all car hiring functions
  • Advance payment of car rent
  • Online Payment gateway integration for credit card payments
  • Avail proper discounts to regular customers
  • Offers discount coupons for supermarkets and amusement parks
  • Integration on Google Maps
  • Date wise and Time wise availability
  • Hire a car only for working days/hours
  • Frequent customer program implementation
  • Discount coupons implementation

Technical Competency

  • Core PHP Development</li>
  • MySQL
  • jQuery & JavaScript