PHP Development services are provided to develop Performance Improvement Assessment Portal of a well-recognized, international dermatology academy based in USA.

PHP Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb developed the portal to keep track of performance improvement activities that contain well-structured and long-term processes. Each process targets to carry out specific performance measures, assess the application, apply performance improvement measures and re-evaluate user performance. The users or learners can track their performances and earn performance credits during the assessment process through the portal. In order to earn credits, a learner has to successfully complete each of the three stages namely: A (Self-Assess), B (Apply), C (Evaluate).

PHP Development services provided for the development of the performance improvement assessment portal helps in carrying out assigned activity over a span of a predetermined period whereby the learner can take a break for a stipulated time after the completion of each stage. Once this allotted time has passed, learner automatically receives an email for proceeding to the next stage. The portal also has the capability to send email reminder alerts to learners who have been inactive, requesting them to complete their current stage. PHP Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb provided report generation module, which can allow comparison between the user and peers after every stage and consolidated generation of reports after Stage C.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front end : Core PHP platform
  • Back end : MySQL


  • Tracks performance improvement activities
  • Self assessment stage to assess individual performance and compare user results with other benchmarks, performance guidelines and data from peers
  • Apply performance improvement measures in practice
  • Re-evaluate processes to monitor past performance with current performance
  • Earn credits on successful completion of each stage
  • Automatic email alerts and reminders
  • Report generation after every Stage; Consolidated report generation after Stage C

Technical Competencies

  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database design
  • jQuery /JavaScript
  • Graphical Layout and Design