Shipment management portal for client based in USA developed by PHP developers in India.

PHP developer from Elegant MicroWeb has provided development expertise for a shipment management portal of client based in USA.

The overall workflow is developed to manage and control the shipment related processes using core php.The portal has separate interfaces for Administrator, Users, Company and Report only user, and all interfaces are responsive user interface using Bootstrap framework.

Administrator having full access to all functionalities, can create users like individual, company or agency. These users can then login and take the process ahead according to the assigned roles.

  • Company can create or receive shipment as per the assigned role by the administrator i.e. Shipper, Deliverer or Receiver respectively.
  • Individual can only view active shipments where he is assigned a role of “Receiver” and view his own information.
  • Agency can view and manifest history about the products that are shipped into their state using “State Management” functionality.

The Box, Bag and Tamper Seal Number is assigned by administrator to keep track of the consignment. Receiver confirms the delivery with his digital signature providing the feedback to the deliverer about the product like accepted, accepted with discrepancy, undelivered, complete and refused.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end: CorePHP
  • Back-end: MySQL

Technical Competencies

  • Core PHP
  • MySQL Database design
  • jQuery /JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Digital Signature Integration
  • Bootstrap
  • Custom CMS Web Development