Java Programming expertise is provided to reengineer a collaborative and networking portal for an IT solution provider in USA. It has been furnished with a set of tools to easily capture, store and deliver important information to facilitate document sharing among project teams for collaborative project work in an online environment. This web portal allows users to copy and share all types of documents, in all formats such as WORD and EXCEL, including images.

This online portal is pillared on three key features: Networks, Collaboration and Email Marketing. It provides a web platform to members working on a project where they can not just share documents but also do networking with each other, and take peer-to-peer help for true collaborative project work. Members can also use this system to build contact lists by adding and even automatically importing contacts from Yahoo and Gmail; they can add colleagues from their online messenger contacts list and then add them to their projects. An additional functionality has been incorporated into the portal in the form of a Chat option for easy communication and better networking among users. In addition, Email Marketing service allows users to execute targeted email campaigns and newsletters to their networks.

This collaborative and networking portal is promoting effective teamwork, resource sharing, networking and cooperation among project members, thereby enhancing productivity and communication.

Tools and Platforms

  • Operating System: Windows / Linux
  • Front-end: Java Programming, J2EE
  • Scripting Language: Ajax, Html, Dhtml
  • Back-end: MySQL
  • Other Tools: Resin as application server, Perforce as version control tool.


  • User Registration
  • Personalise homepage
  • Create and Manage Networks
  • Add and Manage members in network
  • Manage rights and privileges for members in the network
  • Create and Manage Projects
  • Associate contacts and other members to the project
  • Document sharing with project group
  • Communication and collaboration with project group
  • Products and services showcase
  • Integration with Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail to automatically import contacts to the list

Technical Competency

  • Design, Development & Testing
  • User Acceptance and Testing
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Integration with third party services – Online messenger and email services for contact import
  • Java Programming, J2EE Programming
  • MySQL Database