Software product developers in India developed registry cleaning tool

Software Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb developed a registry cleaning tool, which is compatible for cleaning system registry in windows operating system. The tool also includes backup and restore facility.

The client wanted the software development expert, Elegant MicroWeb to develop a user-friendly, auto-installation wizard containing all necessary software as well as a set of drivers that could be offered to customers as a CD.

Based on client requirements, dot net developers, Elegant MicroWeb developed a CD installation wizard based on .Net platform. The Wizard provides a step-by-step guide for users and ensures successful installation of a printer. All related drivers are provided during the installation process and compatibility with various Operating Systems and versions has been taken care of. As a final step, the printer is calibrated. The wizard also provides the option of a demonstration video that explains how to install the printer using the Installation Wizard.

Tools and Platforms


Functionalities / Features

  • Wizard based user-friendly process to clean unwanted registry values within matter of minutes.
  • Advance scan enables to customise scan only for specific sections of registry.
  • Option for backup/restore of registry values.
  • Access to Add/Remove Programs and Startup Manager utility within application.
  • Displays results with application path.

Scans and Fixes Registry for

  • Help and Resources
  • Windows fonts
  • Startup menu items
  • Uninstall Items
  • Shared dynamic link library (shared dll)
  • Program ID section
  • Application paths
  • File association
  • Sound section
  • Vxd section
  • Missing links
  • Typed URLS
  • MRU section
  • Shortcuts