Remote Asset Monitoring Application was developed by Software Product Development team at Elegant MicroWeb for a US client. The client has been involved in providing asset monitoring tools that can help users set up, manage and monitor valuable assets 24×7 from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The virtual monitoring of assets has been achieved with the use of flexible, intuitive and scalable asset management solutions which can be used from anywhere. Software Product Development services are implemented for the design and development of integrated remote monitoring tool. nPhase, an advance M2M API is integrated on the portal to configure sensors and modems, retrieve sensors’ data and visualize the retrieved data on user devices. Users can view the current status of sensors, communication gateways and alerts history. Alert history of each device shows the validation status of (analog and digital) sensors and modems. It also provides details like type, date and time of the alert(s). The users can set up alerts, triggered via text messages or emails once the set thresholds are crossed. Live video feed attached with device is provided to users to monitor their devices easily. New users can select for services after making payment through Paypal Pro payment gateway which is integrated with recurring payment options. Users can setup and manage sensors and modems.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end: CorePHP
  • Back-end: MySQL



  • Client Management
  • Client-User Management
  • Device Management
  • CMS pages Management
  • nPHASE API Integration


  • New Customer Registration
  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Add/Edit Modems
  • Validate connectivity to Modems
  • Add/Edit Digital and Analog Sensors
  • Validate connectivity to Sensors
  • Add/Edit alert information for Sensor devices
  • Add alerts for Digital and Analog Sensors

User Interface

  • View Dashboards
  • View Alerts, Alerts History and Notifications

Technical Competency

  • Core PHP
  • M2M API – nPhase Integration
  • MySQL Database design
  • jQuery /JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Graphical Layouts and Design
  • Custom CMS Web Development
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