Provided dotCMS development and application reengineering services for sales management portal

dotCMS Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb, a software products and services company, has reengineering and maintenance of a sales management portal for a leading satellite television service provider in Malaysia.

Backed by a rich, versatile experience and expertise in various portal frameworks and Java, Elegant MicroWeb completely rehauled the portal, which is based on Java-based dotCMS Portal Framework. The scope of this extensive project involved executing feasibility study of reengineering options; redesigning technical and functional architecture; reengineering / rewriting / reverse engineering existing code; quality checking and incorporating new requirements to enhance this sales management portal as per client requirements.

Tools and Platforms

  • Operating System: Windows 2003 Server
  • Portal / CMS Framework: dotCMS Development
  • Back-end: MS SQL Server 2005


  • Two interfaces
    • Admin Interface
      • User Management & access rights
      • Content Management System
      • ETL process to extract Sales data from different locations
      • Scheduler to run ETL tasks
  • User Interface
    • Login
    • HTTPS based secure access
    • Channels and Programs related information
    • Sales Performance Reports

Technical Competencies

  • J2EE Programming
  • Java code reverse engineering / reengineering
  • dotCMS Development and Design
  • dotCMS template design and customization
  • dotCMS modules customization and development
  • dotCMS Integration with other applications / modules
  • Maintenance / enhancements of existing dotCMS applications / implementations
  • Apache Struts – Web Application Framework
  • DWR – Java AJAX framework
  • Velocity Templating Language – Lightweight templating engine
  • Spring – the Spring Application Framework
  • Hibernate ORM – Object Relation Mapping Engine