Sales management system developed by software development company in India – Elegant MicroWeb

Sales Management System which is developed by Software Development Company, Elegant MicroWeb is a Desktop application targeted to businesses in Japanese market. This system retrieves and stores the information related to Client, Product, Employee, sales slip and Claim process. This Sales Management System also provides database Backup and Restore functionality.

Tools and Platforms

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Integration Development Environment, Microsoft Access


  • Client Master: Client Master has information related to client code client name, client address, client email and URL. The URL button will open Browser and display web page. Email Button will open Outlook Express and display give email Id in “To:” field.
  • Product Master: Product Master has information related to Products like Product code, name, Unit, Unit price.
  • Employee Master: Employee Master has information related to Employee name and code.
  • Sales Slip Process: It will display the list using the client and product information accordingly.
  • Sales Slip List: Sales slip List will display all sales slips. It has functionality of search sales slip on different parameter. It has the functionality to add the columns in the list.
  • Claim Process: Claim Process will calculate transfer amount and this month claim amount according to the conditions.
  • CSV Export: Generating the CSV file using Client and Product table in the database.
  • CSV Import:System provides import CSV file feature to update client and product table from CSV file to database with all validation support.
  • Database Backup / Restore