Software Development Company, Elegant MicroWeb provided services to develop the Sales and Marketing portal for a client based in Japan. PHP Development services were also provided to develop a travel portal which is used as a bridge between customers and tour operators, and the whole process is managed by an Administrator. Using this Sales and Marketing Portal platform, tour operators can display information of their tour and package and book clients. The application accommodates Japanese language interface.

Tools and Platforms



  • Online Registration of members and tour operators with approval.
  • Tour operators can discuss on a topic with others through discussion board.
  • Tour operators can get application and requests for more information from customers.
  • The information request or application can be sent to tour operators by any site visitor but members gets special privilege points for booking a tour, answering a poll and also for participating in the discussion.
  • Internal search engine provides extensive keyword and search parameter based search Tour operators can configure these parameters and keywords while designing the tour, and also site Administrator controls these search parameters, level of search, and other parameters.
  • Administrator can define search levels, approve tour operator and member, and also approve/update tours. They can also start a new discussion and perform all functionalities, which a tour operator can do.
  • Administrator can also define email template, which is used as an automated email system on events such as New Application, Tour submission, etc. This was achieved through SMTP implementation of PHP.
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