Provided software application migration services for security and trade management system

The Security and Trade Management System provides integrated modules for bond, trade or security trading process. The new system is built to provide one homogeneous solution for all types of users with security access roles and privileges. Users can access six major modules of the system with single interface using common framework for data access layer (DAL) and logical portion of presentation with business access layer (BAL).

Elegant MicroWeb provided Application Migration Services and successfully migrated the system, including past data from MS Access to MS SQL server. The following approach was followed to migrate the system to MS SQL.

Step I: Planning and Designing

  • Selecting the most appropriate RDBMS and its version
  • Identifying differences in SQL syntax, data migration challenges, data type conversion issues, change impact on application ( entry and reports ), architectural issues
  • Deriving migration and development plan

Step II: Implementation

  • Development (application and RDBMS)
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Rollout beta version
  • Rollout production version

Tools and Platform

  • Front end: VB.NET thick client
  • Back end: MS SQL 2008
  • Reporting / Third Party Tool
  • Crystal XI V2
  • 10tac Grid
  • Bloomberg APIs
  • Redemption
  • Scrolling Text
  • Application: Security Trade & Management System

Technical Competency

  • .NET Programming
  • SQL Scripts
  • Application Migration to another RDBMS
  • Design & Development
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