A technical evaluation and feasibility study of open source tools was done to select the most suitable open source portal framework to meet functional, technical and scalability requirements for an online gaming community portal.

In the undertaken study, each tool was independently evaluated against an extensive feature matrix. This matrix was related to the availability of different components and features, technical feasibility of the tool to be utilized in the best possible way, and the efforts required to build/develop additional components/features not available in the tool.

Module wise comprehensive feature list with priority allocation (i.e. Must have, Should have, and Could have) was prepared and each framework for this feature list was evaluated. Rating was done for each feature against all the four frameworks: Joomla, Drupal, JBoss and Liferay. Cross tab report was prepared to come up with efforts required against each priority for each framework. This cross tab was important in formulating decision regarding which portal framework should be used in keeping with the perspective of priority of features, time line, customisation required and budgets.

In addition, key factors such as popularity among developer community, skill set availability and rates for these skill sets in the market, and scalability to meet future requirements were considered to suggest the most appropriate and practical portal framework for the project. The whole process involved extensive documentation and final functional and technical feasibility report was prepared with clear recommendation on the portal framework to be used for the project.

Brief Description


The technical evaluation and feasibility study was carried out based on two parameters:

  • Rating based on the following:
  • Features available as part of Framework and Extension
  • Feature available through third party Component
  • Custom Development required to meet the feature requirements
  • Priority based on the following:
  • Must have for launch ( High priority, Can’t go live without )
  • Should have for launch ( Medium priority, could go live without, would need sign off)
  • Could have for launch (Wanted for go live, but negotiable
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