An online product catalogue website is developed for a leading manufacturer of traditional French furniture in France. This is a multilingual website in French and English having a virtual showroom of a rich collection of furniture and decorative items with high quality photos and QTVR 3D objects.

The website has a special member zone to allow architects, retailers and other B2B parties to view and download prices, catalogue, specifications and drawing files in two formats (.pdf and .png) to improve object evaluation process. In addition, it contains administration interface to allow the client administrator to update online catalogue, add or edit objects and track interest and number of visitors to the web platform.

Tools and Platforms

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Front-end: PHP
  • Back-end: MySQL
  • Other Tools: AJAX, ImageMagick, FPDF, Image Anti-aliasing & Resizing, DocStyle view for displaying products (MAC view), QuickTime(QTVR)


  • Two interfaces
  • User Interface
  • Admin Interface
  • User Registration and User Management
  • Cart Management
  • Multi lingual Support
  • Category / Subcategory Management
  • Object Management
  • Automatic image resizing with proper anti-aliasing
  • Display Object
  • Search Object
  • Site Statistics and Reports
  • Static Pages content management from administrator interface e.g. About us, Contact Us, FAQ, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and so forth.

Technical Competency

  • PHP Programming
  • MySQL database
  • Design and Development
  • Graphical Layouts and Design