Content marketing company in US, outsourced Umbraco development to Elegant MicroWeb for designing and developing responsive portal

Umbraco Templates Design and development services are provided by Elegant MicroWeb to design and develop a content marketing portal for a US based client.

The client is a leading content marketing website engaged in providing quality content on various niches. There are content writing experts contributing on a variety of technical and social media topics. Write ups related to design, social media, SEO/SEM, email, photo-sharing, CRM are provided to keep viewers updated with latest changes on the internet or provide general views on technology, gadgets and gizmos.

Umbraco Templates design services are provided by Elegant MicroWeb experts to design and develop portal with dynamic and attractive theme layout using Razor Macro. Search plugin is incorporated to search content on a variety of criteria, for instance, date of publication, existing trend, topic and popularity. The portal is integrated with plugin to share content on social media. Counter clock is embedded to record and update the number of “share” of Social Media, thereby fetching the number of Social Media counts. Admin can manage and configure the content topics whereby the general topic(s) is refined/ narrowed to specific topic using built-in tool. Custom form is integrated on Contact page. Custom form component is added on Contact page. Responsive Web Design is implemented to make portal compatible for devices like mobile and tablets.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front end : Umbraco CMS, HTML5
  • Back end : SQL Server 2008


Admin Interface

  • Configuration and Management of content pages
  • Plug-in for refining topics from general to specific
  • Integrated Search functionality for content search
  • Category wise search of content e.g., date, trends, topic, popularity
  • Custom form integration
  • Updating and recording the “share” counts of Social Media
  • Counter clock functionality integrated to fetch Social Media counts
  • Writing Expert Profile Management

Front-end Interface

  • Integration of Content Search  Functionality
  • Allow Content search on the basis of Trend, Topic, Popularity and Date
  • Displays Article Posts on Recent, Popular, Related and Archived basis
  • Display Content on the basis of Trend, Topic, Popularity and Date
  • Display Content on general and specific topics
  • Responsive Web Design Layout
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact Us Form Integration

Technical Competencies

  • Microsoft.NET Development
  • Umbraco Templates Design
  • Umbraco CMS Development
  • Umbraco Customization
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SQL Server 2008
  • System Requirements Study
  • Functional and Technical Framework
  • Design, Development, Testing and Deployment
  • User Acceptance Testing