Volusion Templates Design and development services are provided for an Online Store providing Laser Defense Systems for Cars for one of the clients based in USA.

The client is one of the leading distributors of laser defense systems which are used to avoid the speed readings through laser guns. It provides various laser defense products such as laser jammers, LED laser jammers, radar detectors and laser accessories. The online store also contains pages on demonstration videos and blog.

Volusion Templates Design specialist, Elegant MicroWeb overhauled the online store with a new design theme layout facilitating easy navigations by offering Volusion Templates Design and development services that allows users to make online purchase of various laser defense products. The new design theme layout facilitates an easy navigation and quality user experience to users.

Tools and Platforms

Technical Competency

  • Volusion Shopping Cart ReDesign
  • Volusion Theme Configuration
  • Volusion Design
  • jQuery