An Online Store supplying Safety Products in Emergency & Disaster is developed on the Volusion Design framework for a client based in USA.

The client is one of the leading emergency and disaster safety products suppliers operating in USA. The store offers various emergency supply products for home, office, school and vehicles. The client provides these products in a simple, quick and reasonable manner through the products online store by offering reliably low price.

Through this online storefront, user can purchase various emergency supply products that include emergency food ration bars, emergency water and storage, emergency gear for evacuation and fire, lighting and heating, pet supplies, sanitary and hygiene, shelter and sleeping and cool ambulances etc.

Volusion Templates Design expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided the Volusion Design service and overhauled and integrated the existing online storefront with a new design layout having easy navigations. Elegant MicroWeb also integrated complex XML based integration of the Volusion framework for Product management, Category management, Product options and Product import.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform: Volusion Framework

Technical Competency

  • Volusion Design
  • Volusion API Integration using XML for product management, category management, product options and product import
  • Volusion Templates Configuration
  • jQuery