Brazil based client outsourced application development project to develop an import and export utility application in JBoss seam framework

JBoss Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided Software Development services to develop a web-based Import/Export utility application for a client based in Brazil.

The data import/export utility application was developed by a team of Software Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb using JBoss Seam framework and incorporates user friendly, easy-to-use wizards for importing and/or exporting data to specified database structures. Based on options selected by users, system can insert or update records in the specified target database tables. The application supports CSV / XLS file formats and allows users to define various importing rules, data validation and regular expressions (regex).

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform : Java, J2EE
  • Framework : JBoss Seam, Richfaces, JPA
  • Back-end : MySQL


  • Wizards for importing and exporting data
  • Supports CSV and XLS formats
  • Supports configuration of data validation and importing rules with regular expressions
  • Integrated AJAX Support

Technical Competency

  • Designing and developing enterprise web solutions using JBoss
  • Integration of JBoss with other applications / modules
  • JSF/Richfaces – Web Application Framework
  • jQuery – AJAX framework