Dot Net developers, Elegant MicroWeb has provided Microsoft.Net development services for the development of a Web Performance Statistics Dashboard.

The application collects and analyses website statistics from various web sources that allows the user to view and compare online marketing performance of various websites.

Information gathered from various services, APIs, portals is consolidated and represented in easy-to-view dashboards. The statistics are retrieved by integrating Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr APIs. Statistical data is then presented in graphical formats such as Gauges, Pie Charts, Bar Charts etc. and includes web traffic, bounce rates, number of visitors, clicks and subscriptions of newsletters.

Gauge settings can be personalized for each client/domain; it indicates the number of followers, viewers, shared data, and like status for various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr etc. Users can also measure and compare performance with performance of last week, last month or custom date range.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front end: .Net 4.0
  • Back-end: SQL Server 2008


  • Numerous performance statistics or multiple websites displayed in a single dashboard
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Filckr APIs
  • Social Networking websites performance displayed in intuitive dashboards
  • Personalised gauge chart settings for every client/domain
  • Performance comparison with last week, last month and custom date range

Technical Competencies

  • Microsoft.Net Development
  • Microsoft SQL database design
  • Functional and Technical framework
  • Graphical Layouts and Design
  • Integration with Google Analytics API
  • Integration with Facebook API
  • Integration with YouTube API
  • Integration with Twitter API
  • Integration with LinkedIn API
  • Integration with Flickr API
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