Software Application Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb developed the WLAN test system with plug-in chassis controller card based on a PowerPC integrated processor.


The controller card implements standard framework control functions: Initialisation, slot enumeration (discovery of the number, type and location of other cards plugged into the chassis), support of a Web-based configuration interface, support of a TCP/IP message based configuration interface, and slave card management. The controller card is also required to implement a simple message-passing process between a host computer and the other cards in the chassis to enable the host computer to directly communicate with the other cards via TCP or UDP.

There are all together 3 modules as given below

  • Setting up NAT rules: The Controller Card uses NAT for port cards communicating with the outside world. The configuration script should be written in the bash shell and provide translation for all 32 slot numbers only for the first eight port numbers.
  • Web interface: The controller card has a web server that provides an html interface so that the chassis can be configured via a web browser.
  • USB interface: The USB interface is another interface into the controller card so that a user can plug a USB cable from the USB port on their computer.