WordPress plugin development, customization and integration services for event management client based in Malaysia

Services related to WordPress Plugin development is provided by Elegant MicroWeb to design and integrate custom plugins for a client based in Malaysia and engaged in providing event management services.

The client is leading event management service provider involved in arranging events, conferences and exhibitions related to hack management, IT and web security, internet security architecture and more. Partnering with world’s best technology companies, it organizes events, conferences, talk shows and trainings for nation-wide audience. Guest speakers are invited to share views on the latest invasions making a mark in the world on internet.

WordPress Plugin development expertise was provided by Elegant MicroWeb to integrate custom plugins to make the website intuitive and informative. WordPress plugin is used to categorize events, conferences and trainings according to monthly schedules. Another WordPress plugin is integrated to spot a booth on the floor map layout of the event(s) scheduled by the client at various times of the year. This map gives details of the event booths reserved and sold along with general floor view. The website contains customised CMS pages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, Events, Floor Map etc. Responsive Web Design is implemented on the website to make it mobile-friendly.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform : WordPress Development Framework

Technical Competency

  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development, Customization and Integration
  • WordPress Theme Configuration
  • JQuery