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Get eCommerce Development Services from Volusion Experts
Volusion Experts Can Help You Achieve Your Online Sales Goals! If your business decides to launch or upgrade an eCommerce site or develop an sales app to attract and retain customers, it is important to choose the right solution so that all current requirements are met today and in the future. One of the most popular eCommerce solutions is Volusion eCommerce.
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Volusion Development Services and Store Design for Leading Dental Business In U.S.

Volusion Development Services and Store Design for Leading Dental Business In U.S.
This recognized dental business engaged Elegant MicroWeb Volusion experts to design an online store. Volusion developers created an out of the box reporting system using the Volusion API to assist the with reporting of sales, discount codes and order reports for analysis and planning purpose. Elegant MicroWeb also provided Volusion integration to seamlessly handle the checkout process for customers and ensure customer satisfaction.Details >

Volusion Expert - Developed Responsive eStore with Customization for Jewelry Wholesaler in USA

Provided responsive eStore design, customization and development services for jewelry wholesaler by Volusion expert from India.
Volusion developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided volusion design, customization and development services to redesign an existing eStore for a client dealing in wholesale bridal jewelry, prom jewelry & wedding accessories in USA. The client is leading international designer and wholesaler of bridal jewelry, prom jewelry & wedding accessories in USA. The store provides variety of exclusive jewelry for licensed bridal and fashion retailers. Volusion experts at Elegant MicroWeb provided volusion design, customization and development services to redesign the eStore with latest theme layout. The portal is provided responsive design with smooth navigation and with product categories for making best shopping experience. Details >

Genesys of Volusion

Volusion provides ecommerce solutions for all business types, ranging from startups to large enterprises. The organizations product portfolio includes: the Volusion platform, designed for entrepreneurs and SMBs, and the Mozu platform, built for the enterprise market.It claims expertise across the following services:
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Case Study: Integrated Online Volusion eCommerce Site for US Clothing and Footware Co.

A US casual clothing and footwear superstore engaged Elegant MicroWeb to design their website using the Volusion eCommerce framework, and provide an intuitive, secure, hassle-free online shopping experience where customers could browse and shop for apparel, clothing accessories, swimwear and footwear. The challenge was to address all integration, development and customization requirements for the Volusion framework and provide 3rd party tax calculation. This was, perhaps, the first project of its kind world-wide to incorporate such unique, detailed requirements into one Volusion eCommerce solution.
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Why to opt for Volusion shopping cart solution

Volusion shopping cart
Volusion eCommerce solution has become a name to reckon with in the realm of high-octane, intuitive and versatile shopping sites that engage visitors and turn them into loyal consumers. The catalyst that has triggered the wide scale popularity of Volusion platform is the comprehensive framework that flexibly allows developers to avail a slew of features to facilitate building and maintaining a state of the art, elegant and functional eCommerce site. Volusion integration capability is the driving force behind optimizing strategically important sites.
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Volusion: eCommerce That Beats the Competition

While eCommerce markets change daily and social media and web sites explode into the eCommerce stratosphere, a software vendor in Austin, TX has rather quietly taken the eCommerce market by storm. Volusion has forged partnerships, released software development kits (SDKs) and launched new features, making it easier than ever for even small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to enter and conquer markets with products and services and an integrated sales platform that allows customers to browse and buy on mobile and desktop platforms.Recently, Volusion targeted enterprise customers with its new product, designed to provide a unified shopping experience for online sales, mobile access, and retail sites. While Volusion originally targeted small and medium sized (SME) businesses, it is now making a play for larger businesses with a Mozu platform. The Volusion large enterprise market entry makes it easier for big companies to provide fresh content and utilize new features and partner products to improve payment gateways, provide online chat, expand product catalogs, launch related blogs and leverage other upsell opportunities like social media marketing and sales.
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A Match Made in Heaven - AND it's FREE! Volusion and FaceBook Stores

If you are a Volusion customer, and you are currently using the Volusion solution for your eCommerce store or online shopping cart, you will be pleased to know that you can use the solution to create a FaceBook store wherein you can sell your products and services. Volusion customers will be pleased to know that there is no additional licensing fee or charge for this product extension. Combining eCommerce with social media, internet marketing and social media marketing is a crucial part of online sales today and this integration enables up selling and cross-channel marketing campaigns. If your business has a license for the Volusion eCommerce solution, it is worth your while to explore the opportunities provided by the FaceBook store extension. Your Volusion developers can leverage the solution to design and create a professional store with numerous selling and marketing features, and you will not incur any additional software licensing fees.
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Don't Be Like My Friend! Be Smart, and Choose a Simple, Intuitive, Mobile eCommerce Solution!

I met a friend at a retailer conference recently. He was complaining about the ineffective eCommerce solution his company had chosen. "It doesn't translate well into the mobile environment," he said. "The whole process of browsing products, choosing colors, sizes and options, and ordering is convoluted. We lose potential customers, and the site just doesn't support our sales and marketing objectives." Sadly, my friend is not alone in his conundrum! Building an integrated eCommerce presence with consistent corporate branding and accessibility across smart phones, tablets and desktops is an overwhelming prospect for some businesses, but it need not be. The key to eCommerce success lies in the technical and functional skills of the team selected to build the site.
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