Elegant MicroWeb
Japanese Software Business Gets Off-the-Shelf, Industry Vertical Products

A software marketing and support business in Japan engaged Elegant MicroWeb to create an off-the-shelf software solution for small and medium businesses. The primary objective was to develop Payroll Management, Sales Management, and Financial Accounting Management applications targeted to the Japanese market for various industry verticals.

From product conceptualization to multilingual support, implementation, product maintenance, support and upgrade, Elegant MicroWeb provided the foundation for flexible growth and sustained customer satisfaction. To capture the Japanese market, it was imperative that the Elegant MicroWeb team understood the culture, language, government, laws and business practices. The team performed a comparative analysis to design a high quality solutions that would be successful in this market. The solutions were designed to be intuitive, easy to install and use, with configuration wizards to satisfy specific industry verticals. Standard and professional versions of the products were designed to satisfy specific market demands.

[EMR5105C] - Off-the-Shelf Business Applications

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