Elegant MicroWeb
UK Direct Marketing, Profiling Intelligence Data Provider Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Data Analysis

A leading direct marketing and profiling intelligence data provider in the U.K. selected Elegant MicroWeb to create an online tool that would help customers select criteria, generate counts, get count reports and place orders. It was imperative that this tool produce swift accurate reports and provide appropriate analytical tools. For thirty years, this business has maintained a database of publicly available data of more than 42 million consumers in the U.K. Its reputation and dependability is a key market advantage and its data is used in direct marketing, predictive targeting, profiling and modeling and catchment analysis for retail businesses. The Elegant MicroWeb team worked with the business from concept through design, development and implementation to create an online demographic and geographic data profiling and analytical tool. The solution allowed for registration, criteria selection, order management, account management and administration. The business enjoyed the benefit of the tools as well as the value of Elegant MicroWeb domain and market expertise throughout the complete life cycle of the project.

[EMR5109C] - Direct Marketing and profiling Intelligence

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