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Online Solution Achieves Optimal Redundancy, Resettlement Mgt.

A leading project management consulting company in the U.K. wanted Elegant MicroWeb to develop an innovative solution to manage communication and administration among stakeholders involved in the redundancy and resettlement process. To meet the business objectives, the management tool would have to allow for coordination and monitoring of individual resettlement, no matter how many players are involved in the process or how large the scale of redundancy.

The Elegant MicroWeb team performed a feasibility study and worked closely with the business team to design, develop and implement a Redundancy Management System (RMS). The resulting online administrative and management system allows the business team to track and target redundant workers within a national framework to provide consistent, coordinated public sector response. The system provides an effective, valuable management process and generates reports to manage the resettlement process for public and private sector companies.

[EMR5108C] - Redundancy Management Solutions

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