Elegant MicroWeb
Comprehensive Evaluation of Open Source Frameworks for New Online Gaming Portal

A U.K. business selected Elegant MicroWeb to evaluate open source frameworks for an online gaming portal. The portal would include a home space for gamers and enthusiasts and would be open to all registered and unregistered users. The business also wished to populate the gaming site with data on games hosted locally and with content fed or scrapped from other gaming sites.

Elegant MicroWeb conducted an evaluation including documented requirements, and a comprehensive technical evaluation and feasibility study of open source tools for the online community portal. This evaluation included involvement by senior team members with an independent assessment of each prospective tool using a detailed matrix of individual components. The team evaluated four frameworks. The feasibility study and evaluation included ranking of features in each framework and extension, and features in third party components, as well as custom development required to meet client needs, and a prioritization of 'go live' business requirements.

[EMR5120C] - Evaluation and Feasibility Study for Open Source Portal

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