Elegant MicroWeb
Mobile App for DLNA Integrated Media Content Transfer/Streaming

Elegant MicroWeb completed a project for a U.S. business providing IT consulting services in the mobile technologies market. The business wished to create a mobile app to stream various types of media content from iPhone devices to Digital Live Network Alliance (DLNA) devices using DLNA protocol.

Elegant MicroWeb worked closely with the business team during conceptualization, feasibility studies, design and development to ensure that the business, functional and technical requirements were met. The resulting application is designed to transfer diverse media content from one device to another including PlayStation III (PS3), Xbox360, SONY Bravia, SAMSUNG LED TV, XBMC and other DLNA compatible media players. The mobile app uses UpNp (Universal Plug and Play Libraries) in a DLNA wrapper, and the iPhone serves as a media server and detects other DLNA devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the devices act as media renderers so users can select content from their iPhone and stream it to other devices.

[EMR5141C] - Design and development of DLNA based Content Streaming Application on iPhone framework

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