Elegant MicroWeb
Materials Management Solution for US Global Chemical Supplier

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a US-based global supplier of specialty chemicals to the antiperspirant, water treatment and paper industries. The business has three manufacturing facilities (including one offshore) with a global distribution network in more than 35 countries. Elegant MicroWeb worked with the business team to develop and implement a material management system to provide material visibility for inbound receipts, order processing, storage, dispatch and shipping. The solution provides a powerful flexible approach to manage all required processes. The solution includes a System Management module, Security Management, Sales Management, Quality Assurance, Raw Materials Management, Finished Inventory Management, Production Management and Reporting. With its rich functional and technical experience, Elegant MicroWeb was able to provide the best functional and technical architecture and scalability for rapid ROI and low TCO. The client implemented the new solution on time and on budget.

[EMR5116C] - Material Management System

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