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Software As A Service - SaaS migration for online Consultation Management Solution

A UK internet community, market research, consultation and eDemocracy solution provider asked Elegant MicroWeb to create a survey tool to replace a third party survey tool used by their business. The new survey tool was seamlessly integrated with existing product and the integrated Consultation Management product was migrated to SaaS environment. Use of the existing third-party survey system presented numerous challenges including integration, access rights, security compliance with industry and government standards, branding and layouts, costs and the internal resources required to customize or change questionnaires. So, it was important to replace third party tool with newly developed, integrated survey management tool. The Elegant MicroWeb team recommended a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to deliver hosted software applications to multiple customers over the internet. The team developed a new online survey tool suitable for the SaaS environment to allow for installation and maintenance of software via the web, rather than through desktops. The SaaS model allowed for easy management of the application for multiple customers, and ensured security, availability and performance. The newly designed online survey tool was seamlessly integrated with existing products to provide a Consultation Management tool with uniform user interface and navigational experience for users.

[EMR5128C] - Software As A Service (SaaS) Migration of Online Survey and Response Analysis Tool

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