Elegant MicroWeb
Automated Hotel/Apartment Reservations, Front Desk, PoS and Billing

A renowned Saudi Arabian software solution provider asked Elegant MicroWeb to design and develop a software product for hotel and apartment owners to automate the reservation, front desk, point of sale (PoS) and billing transaction processes. The business required a robust, centralized solution that would be cost-effective and could manage complex operations, consolidate data from PoS, service centers and branches, facilitate online booking, and automate various operations with an intuitive interface to monitor room occupancy, provide reports and insight into daily sales and accounting information.

Elegant MicroWeb designed, developed, integrated and implemented a system to satisfy all business, technical and functional requirements. The centralized system makes it easy for managers to understand and verify business transactions at branches and across all locations. The role-based interface allows users to accomplish tasks with an easy-to-use interface. Customers can search for rooms, research facilities and make reservations online. The system also allows corporate account managers to monitor and manage employee travel and accounts.

[EMR5143C] - Software Product Development  Apartment Management System

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