Elegant MicroWeb
Software Business Launches M2M Remote Device and Asset Monitoring Service

This U.S. Company provides software products and services to medium and large corporations in the USA. They selected Elegant MicroWeb to help them develop a M2M application that would allow end users to manage and monitor devices 24x7 using a large network service provider in the U.S. To accomplish this goal, Elegant MicroWeb provided seamless integration with network and device management APIs, and developed a self-service portal with an easy-to-use, plug and play, intuitive application interface.

The Elegant MicroWeb team worked with the U.S. technical team to understand requirements and develop a product roadmap. Remote asset monitoring simplified the process of configuring and monitoring devices like analog and digital modems and sensors from the client locations and networks. Users can pay online and register for services, and then set up, configure and manage sensors and modems with self-serving M2M portal. Users can also receive email or text alerts to notify them when thresholds are surpassed.

[EMR5147C] - Software Product Development Services for Remote Asset Monitoring Tool using M2M API

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