Bigcommerce Store Development, Custom Template and Responsive Design – Glass Eye Studio USA

Elegant MicroWeb redesigned the website for a client owning an online store for glass eye products in the USA
Bigcommerce services are provided from Elegant Microweb to design ecommerce website for US based client dealing in glass eye studio products. The client is dealing with products that portrays art glass, hand blown glass antiques and unique art glass paperweights. A variety of materials are used in the production of this art glass. Bigcommerce services are provided by Elegant MicroWeb to redesign client portal, emphasizing its look and feel. The website has more than 300 mesmerizing art glass products. The stimulating responsive design, layout and easy navigation provide a delightful experience to end users in locating a product as per requirement. Details >

Volusion® or Bigcommerce? So Many eCommerce Considerations!

Small to medium size businesses are flocking to eCommerce frameworks to leverage the built-in possibilities of customer interaction, product and service presentation and sales and other features. Many of these businesses look at Volusion® and Bigcommerce as possible solutions but, it is sometimes difficult to decide between the two. As with all other business considerations, the enterprise is wise to consider its unique needs. It doesn't matter whether your competitor down the street runs the same type of business. There will always be differences between your business processes, software integration needs and business user skills, as well as the product and service mix and the features you want to offer your online customers.
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Bigcommerce for eCommerce? Know Your Business and Customer Requirements and Employ an Expert

For the small to medium sized business (SME), there are many more eCommerce options available today. If you want to build an online store, you can expect to find a solution that will allow you to develop your shopping cart or eStore as part of an overall website, and provide a secured buying experience, payment gateways, product catalogs, email accounts, marketing tools, sales reports, and reasonable mobile optimization.One such eCommerce framework is Bigcommerce, which is growing in popularity and expanding its reach. Bigcommerce developers can work with free or premium themes (some themes are priced at $140, and some are as much as $250). Bigcommerce offers numerous features, including:
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Check Out Some Cool Bigcommerce Designs and Get Yourself an Expert to Create Your Site


Bigcommerce is an eCommerce solution provider with lots of features and functionality to satisfy your business and its customers. Ask us about our expert Bigcommerce design and development services and get started to online store success.



Ecommerce, Volusion, Bigcommerce, Internet Marketing: Serious Help for Serious Online Success

How does the competition in your business market compare to the competition you faced ten years ago? No doubt, your competition is tougher than ever before - no matter your industry, business function or market. Perhaps you do business exclusively online. Maybe your online shopping cart or website acts is a complementary business channel to a brick and mortar store. Maybe, your business is focused on services, rather than products. It doesn’t matter what you sell or who your customers, partners or suppliers are, you need eCommerce to succeed in your market.
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