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Predictive Analytics to Address Your Business Issues

Every enterprise has a crucial need for dependable, accurate data to support decisions and planning processes. Whether data analysis requirements are ongoing or specialized to support a focused initiative, the challenges of advanced data analytics and data science efforts can be daunting.

In most organizations, data is spread across the enterprise with the additional impact of external publicly accessible data, government and third-party data, e.g., macro-economic data, and market intelligence. This data may also be dispersed among suppliers and stakeholders and in multiple divisions, branches and associated companies. By employing expert predictive and data science services, the enterprise can gather, produce and analyze information from disparate data sources with the support of a team that is skilled in R programming, Spark, MLib, Java, ETL, Data warehousing and more!

Every business faces the challenge of managing and using data to support competitive efforts, market shifts and long and short-term planning activities. To meet objectives, plan strategies and analyze information, the average enterprise must juggle best-of-breed, legacy systems, and many other data repositories that sometimes seem to hide data from even the most gifted analysts and IT staff members.

The Importance of Predictive Analytics and Data Science Initiatives

  • Address rapidly changing business environments
  • Provide smarter, more targeted competitive approach
  • Ensure smarter use of technologies within the business ecosystem
  • Assure availability and appropriate access of data including big data
  • Understand customers, employees, supplier behavior and market trends
  • Analyze macro-economic and competitive intelligence and make clear, accurate decisions
  • Optimize internal operations, R&D, product and supply chain to remain agile and competitive
  • Support career advancement and skills for Citizen Data Scientists
  • Help organizations transform to Citizen Data Scientist Culture

The Power of Predictive Analysis Translates Into Business Results

  • Customer Churn: Analyze the risk of customer loss based on purchase patterns, demographics, geography etc
  • Customer Acquisition: Explore if and how particular customers can be converted from prospect to customer.
  • Cross-Sales Opportunities: Identify the next high potential product, promotion or offer for sales conversion.
  • Ideal Locations: Recommend the best location for a warehouse, store or branch based on multiple parameters.
  • Loyalty Programs: Use churn analysis, acquisition potential, cross sales and other algorithms to design loyal programs
  • Pricing: Create prediction engine to recommend and optimize pricing for each product, item and SKU.
  • Use Cases: Click here to read about more use cases

Predictive and Data Science Services Summary

  • Requirements And Project Planning
  • Liaise With Business Users To Understand And Define Use Cases(S)
  • Design And Interate Predictive And Forcasting Models
  • Data Model Design Using ETL, Data Warehousing And Other Related Technologies
  • Programming Using R Programming, Spark, Mlib And Other Related Technologies
  • Integration Of Predictive Models Outcome And Applications With Other Applications
  • Understand Source Of Data
  • Assisted Predictive Modeling For Business Users
  • Visualization And Reporting For The Predictive Models
  • Optimize And Refine Predictive Models At Regular Intervals To Improve Accuracy
  • Testing For Compatibility, Quality, Scalability And Performance
  • White Label Partnerships For Counsulting Partners And Software Companies

Expert Predictive and Data Science Consulting and Services

We provide expert services with an understanding of the importance of design and execution of business cases, enterprise data sources, data preparation, model design and fine-tuning. We are expert in smart visualization services, all provided by our team of ETL, DWH, domain experts, Data Scientists and Programmers.

Our domain expertise and professional Predictive and Data Science Services can be combined with ETL and DWH Services and other services to achieve enterprise goals, no matter how complex or detailed.

Our services are based on years of experience in business analytics and complemented by ElegantJ BI products that feature the Smarten Approach to Data Analytics, supported by Plug n’ Play Predictive AnalysisSmart Visualization, and Self-Serve Data Preparation. Our services and products are designed to serve Advanced Data Discovery, Data Scientists and other data analysis professionals and to help your organization to achieve enterprise clarity, transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists, and provide easy-to-use data for senior executives, IT staff and business users across the organization.

Our experience in advanced analytics and data science services is reflected in our case studies and is a clear reflection of our excellence and expertise serving organizations like yours around the world.

Our Smarten Augmented Analytics solution suite elevates analytics and enterprise reporting to the next level so you can achieve market prominence, accurately plan and spot trends and patterns.

The Smarten Insights Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides easy access and support designed specifically for Citizen Data Scientists.

Imagine the power and clarity of this dynamic, mobile Advanced Analytics solution combined with a scalable, high-performance ETL and DWH environment!

Our list of enterprise software services continues to evolve as we embrace and leverage new, exciting technologies and respond to the changing needs of our clients around the world. For a detailed list of selected service offerings visit our Representative Services page. For a list of our technical skills and experience, visit the Enterprise Technologies page.

Our Augmented Analytics Platform

Traditional BI and Modern Analytics in one platform

Our clients include small, medium and large enterprises. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified, software products and services company, and we bring decades of experience to bear on every project to understand requirements, make recommendations and create the perfect solution and environment to help you succeed. We offer white label partnerships for IT providers and agencies with non-disclosure protection, seamless support, and targeted skills and knowledge to enrich their product and service offerings.

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