Democratizing Analytics: Transforming Your Business Approach

Traditional and Modern BI and Analytics in One Suite

Elegant MicroWeb comprehends the vital role of business intelligence in today’s data-driven corporate landscape. Any business’s data holds the key to enhanced efficiency, innovation, and strategic decision-making. Recognizing the shifting organizational needs, Elegant MicroWeb created a comprehensive Business Intelligence suite, infusing the capabilities of both traditional and modern BI and analytics in a single suite, redefining business intelligence.

Our flagship product, ElegantJ BI, is designed to assist businesses in unlocking the full potential of their data through this self-serve solution. With features such as Advanced Data Discovery, Self-Serve Data Preparation, and Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics and built on the foundation of Managed Memory Computing technology, ElegantJ BI aims to turn every business user into a Citizen Data Scientist, facilitating data-driven decision-making with ease.

In addition, our Advanced Analytics solution, Smarten, further enriches the capabilities of our BI suite. It adopts a more focused approach to analytics with features like Smart Data Visualization, Assisted Predictive Modeling, and Clickless Search Analytics. With the integration of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), our Smarten product enables businesses to interact with data in a more user-friendly way, supporting even complex queries through natural language.

Our Augmented Analytics Platform

Traditional BI and modern analytics in a single platform:

The Smarten Approach to Advanced Analytics

Augmented Analytics: Sophisticated, Self-Serve Tools and Guidance for Business Users
Advanced Data Discovery Tools Suitable for Every Business User and Data Scientist

Imagine a world where your users can leverage Smart Data Discovery and Augmented Analytics, and leave behind restrictive ‘Static Packaged Dashboards’. Empower your users to become Citizen Data Scientists with Smarten Augmented Analytics tools.

Self-Serve Data Preparation

The Smarten solution provides smart data discovery tools and augmented data preparation features that allow business users with average skills to perform data preparation. These easy-to-use tools allow business users to transform, shape, reduce, combine, explore, clean, sample, and aggregate data without the need for SQL skills, ETL, or other programming languages.

Smart Data Visualization

Smarten View smart data visualization allows business users to view and analyze data to identify a problem, clarify a root cause, and make confident decisions. Business users can interact easily with tools and build a view that will tell a story using guided visualization and recommended data presentation. Guided recommendations are based on machine learning and based on the type, volume, dimensions, patterns, and nature of the data.

Assisted Predictive Modeling

Provides predictive modeling capability and auto-recommendations and auto-suggestions to simplify use and allow business users to leverage predictive algorithms without the expertise of a data scientist. These tools allow the organization to apply predictive analytics to any use case using forecasting, regression, clustering, and other methods to analyze use cases, including customer churn and planning to target customers for acquisition, identify cross-sales opportunities, optimize pricing, and more!

Clickless Search Analytics

Smarten Clickless Analytics provides seamless augmented analytics and advanced data discovery using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for every business user. Natural Language Processing Search Analytics (NLP) is a crucial component of search analytics and smart data discovery today. NLP search allows business users to create complex searches without endless clicks and complex navigation and commands. Using this type of search analytics, users can access and view clear, concise answers and analyses quickly and easily.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools

Smarten also includes traditional BI and reporting components that allow business users to leverage personalized dashboards, multidimensional key performance indicators (KPIs), Crosstab and Tabular reports, GeoMaps, and deep dive analytics with a 100% browser-based interface and self-serve features that encourage and support Social BI and collaboration.

Smarten Insights – Software as a Service

Smarten Insights is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed for business users to support the Citizen Data Scientist transformation. Business users can create, use, and share predictive models—all in five minutes—with absolutely no coding, data science, or programming skills. Users combine market, industry, and domain knowledge with analytical features and leverage use cases to analyze issues and capitalize on data and domain knowledge. Imagination drives results!

SmartenApps: Integrate Augmented Analytics with Enterprise Apps

Discover the benefits of augmented analytics and integration with enterprise apps to improve accessibility, productivity, and data analytics for fact-based decisions and resource optimization. SmartenApps offers a free trial evaluation to leverage augmented analytics, modern business intelligence, and your favorite business apps without expensive customization, additional training, or lengthy implementation.

SmartenApps for Tally accesses data from Tally ERP to extract and push data to a hosted cloud server. This self-serve BI tool has analytics dashboards, KPIs, reports etc. Users can access Tally data including bank, cash, payables, receivables, inventory, sales, purchase, and ledgers and the Smarten Mobile App allows access from anywhere, using a mobile device.

SmartenApps for Microsip® with business users in the Mexico market gain access to BI for Microsip and insight into data contained within the Microsip ERP solution. Team members can analyze key business indicators with relevant data and intuitive analytics. SmartenApps for Microsip provides seamless analytics integration and fact-based decision-making.

SmartenApps for DrugPlus by Soham ERP provides users with fast, easy insight into data and access to a suite of value-added tools and features.  Business users can analyze key business indicators with meaningful data and easy-to-use analytics. SmartenApps for DrugPlus enables users with analytics integration for confident decision-making. Out-of-the-box analytics, dashboards, and reports.

SmartenApps for PharmaCloud in partnership withSoham ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. integrates augmented analytics and intuitive business intelligence tools to enable data insight and fact-based decision-making. Users can analyze key business indicators using integrated data to create clear, concise, actionable analytics.

SmartenApps for Retailware in partnership withRetailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. provides insight into data using intuitive, value-added tools and features. Analyze key business data with relevant, clear, concise analytics and data integration to enable confident decisions and strategies.

SmartenApps for Shopify integrates augmented analytics and reporting with Shopify eCommerce. Users enjoy seamless login and registration and gain data insight with prebuilt analytics templates. SmartenApps for Shopify includes sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced KPIs and analytics to reveal Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell.

Case Studies

Case Study – Smarten Analytics Case Study: Implementation for Largest Global Air Cooler Company in India

Case Study : Augmented Analytics for Leading Rural Fintech Company in India

Case Study – Augmented Analytics for a Share Broking & Securities Trading Company in India

Our Low-Code, No-Code Augmented Analytics Platform

Traditional BI and Modern Analytics in one platform

Smarten Augmented Analytics –

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