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When a business needs software and application development help, it is often difficult to find a service provider that will satisfy all business needs and do so in a timely, skilled fashion. If a business chooses the wrong service provider, it is likely to face one or more of the following issues:

  • Cookie-cutter solutions and teams that provide some, but not all, of the support a business needs.
  • Delays in achieving milestones because the right resources are not available at the right time.
  • Inflexible team and resource availability to address changing or evolving requirements leads to uncertain results.
  • Out-of-date or incomplete skillsets.
  • The need to find, interview and select a vendor, sign contracts and establish relationships for each new project.
  • Resource instability. Changes and disruption in the team demand re-training, and result in lost resource skills and project knowledge.

Engaging offshore and outsourced consulting services does not have to be a one-size-fits-all prospect and while a short-term project engagement may be appropriate for your business, the business must take a long-term approach for its vision and its project portfolio in order to ensure adequate performance and to meet future needs.

Here are just a few examples of business needs that can be satisfied by a personalized, dedicated team approach:

  • A start-up has developed a mobile app concept, and it needs to release MVP within sixty (60) days and initial production within six (6) months. The business wishes to engage and retain the same team for development, maintenance and support following the first release and leverage the benefits of consistency and productivity, using the same team in the future.
  • A software company with a Python and Java technical product stack requires three programmers for a period of three months to accommodate an aggressive release schedule.
  • A retail company with numerous internal and customer-facing applications, requires three SCRUM teams, working through the internal IT team to support three different divisions and the applications they are managing.

In each of these situations, the business requires a reliable, dependable solution to meet specific requirements for technical, leadership and other skills for a particular period of time. A cookie-cutter approach simply will not do!

With Elegant MicroWeb as a partner the business can enjoy a worry-free, personalized, dedicated team environment. We will source, hire, build and manage a team to ensure reliability and provide a cost advantage, with a professional, dependable escalation matrix, and regular reporting processes.

This personalized approach is not simply a staffing, recruitment or shared workspace approach. By combining more than twenty years of experience in software development and project management, Elegant MicroWeb provides a unique understanding of the software lifecycle, training and skills requirements, and a deep and broad network from which it can draw to select and combine the right skills, experience and talent.

Business Use Case

The Challenge: A U.S. based business wished to augment its IT team by hiring programmers and creating a scrum team that would satisfy its extensive technical needs. Rather than interviewing, hiring, and paying benefits for an internal IT team, and adapting to changing needs, the business wanted to employ an experienced offshore service provider to build their own offshore team and meet their unique requirements.

The Solution: The Elegant MicroWeb approach includes a comprehensive review of the technical and leadership requirements, with support for infrastructure and understanding of specific technologies, and project management. All components of this service are supported by appropriate communication, escalation matrix, compliance with laws, copyright assignation, and management processes.

Elegant MicroWeb sources offshore team members in India, completes background checks and provides the infrastructure for the team to work, and selects appropriate team members to ensure that all team members have the cutting-edge skills to fulfill each role. The Client manages the day-to-day team tasks and work allocation.

The initial one-year contract was extended to a three-year contract, Elegant MicroWeb managed the changing resource needs to ensure that this dedicated team meets current and future requirements, and facilitated training and HR management needs to ensure that the team skills were current and that the team was functioning at optimal efficiency.

Our Unique Approach

This personalized, dedicated team approach is unique and stands apart from other IT consulting services and project support with specific, and differentiated services and components.

  • Rapid Start, Simple Contracts
  • Trust-Based Relationships
  • Short and Long-Term Projects (One-Time or Ongoing)
  • Go Beyond Staffing, Recruitment and Workspace Sharing
  • More than Two Decades of Technology and Offshore Delivery
  • Recognized by Gartner for Experience in Developing Our Own Software Product for Market
  • Established Reputation and Culture Provides Foundation to Attract Talent
  • Legal, Government and Regulatory Compliance
  • Assured IPR, Copyright and Legal Rights
  • Deep and Broad Talent, and Skills Network Supported by Academic and Market Affiliations

Enjoy the Benefits of This Dependable Model

  • Save >50% of typical costs
  • Build dedicated, personalized team – quickly and easily
  • Engage a dedicated team and resources to work exclusively on your projects
  • Ensure seamless productivity with dedicated, consistent resources.
  • Team members understand the unique ecosystem, projects and team members and can better leverage domain knowledge and skills.
  • Mitigate the need to source, hire and train a new team for every new project or need.
  • Assure productivity and dependable output
  • Avoid complex labor compliance, benefits, legal and regulatory issues.

Let us help you build your personalized team approach today!

  • WE will build the foundation, and establish the team and infrastructure
  • YOU will have total control of your team, you will assign work tasks and manage the day-to-day team activities of the offshore software team

If your business is struggling to keep up with technology evolution and the software application development and enterprise software solutions needs of your organization, it may be time to consider employing the experience and skills of offshore software resources.

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