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No matter the size, type or focus of your business, Elegant MicroWeb is the ideal Digital Transformation partner for you. Our software development partnership and combined experience and skills is founded on continuous learning and partnerships that are flexible and agile to optimize resources, encourage collaboration and support digital transformation.

Achieve your vision and goals, satisfy your business needs and address your need for ongoing support, software solution development and partnership requirements with dependable, affordable delivery models, skills and global experience.

For Government & Public Sector

Local and central government software solutions used by prominent organizations in more than forty local authorities in the U.K., and organizations in Australia, U.S. and India, and public sector software solutions for every need. Our skills can play an integral role in the success of Indian government and public sector enterprises. Our success is a true example of the success of the Make in India initiative!

BI Tools and Augmented Analytics for Data Democratization and Data Literacy!

Smarten Augmented Analytics represents the evolution of the ElegantJ BI-self-serve, mobile business intelligence solution to include advanced analytics capabilities. This solution provides the unique advantage of modern and traditional BI tools and seamless augmented analytics features within one platform and unified architecture and positions organizations to transition business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

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