Software Services for Government and Public Sector

We Are Experienced in Government Applications and Seamless Security and Standards Compliance

Elegant MicroWeb is located in Gujarat, India and has a long and rich history in providing government IT solutions and in working with the government and public sector. Our team has worked with the Government in the United Kingdom, through our successful partnership with Organized Feedback, UK (formerly Community People, Ltd ).

Elegant MicroWeb provides local and central government software solutions, and we have developed eConsultation systems, ePetition systems, Idea Management solution, and other applications. These applications are used by such prominent organizations as the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the U.K., National Health Services (NHS) in the U.K., and more than forty local authorities across the United Kingdom, as well as Australian and U.S. Government organizations. Our team is dedicated to providing timely, excellent business software services and to meeting and satisfying the crucial standards compliance and security regulations and guidelines for government agencies and enterprises and our experience and skill in this domain ensures a worry-free environment and a dedicated approach to government and public sector software services.

Our services and solutions benefit clients all over the world and our focus on government and public sector software services can play an integral role in the success of Indian government and public sector enterprises. Our success is a true example of the success of the Make in India initiative!

Our team has worked extensively with the Gujarat Government and the Indian Government on projects that include digital library system, content management system (CMS) driven dynamic websites and mobile apps, ERP, project monitoring and control system, Funds approval systems, custom applications and analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and solutions.

Our services and skills include application security and standards compliance for industry and government requirements including GIGW and Cert-IN (for India government compliance) and Bobby AA, eGMS, eGIF for U.K. government standards compliance.

In short, our government and public sector experience is broad and deep with experience around the world and in India. Our security and standards compliance services are second to none, and we provide dependable support and maintenance services backed by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and certification.

The Right Software Services Make All The Difference!

Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Security & Compliance Services

Make sure it is right when it goes to market! We’ll put the shine on your software!

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Software Application Development, Maintenance and Support Services

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Explore, test, achieve and grow!

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BI and Augmented Analytics

ElegantJ BI and Smarten Tools provide insight from your data, and transform business users to Citizen Data Scientists. Add Analytics to your solutions for rapid, dependable returns.

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Expert Predictive Analytics and Data Science Services

Advanced analytics and data science services to achieve enterprise clarity and provide easy-to-use data across the organization.

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Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) and Data Warehousing (DWH) Services

Tame diverse and disparate data sources and integrate data into a central data mart or data warehouse to organize, manage, monitor and analyze internal and external data from all corners of the organization.

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