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Seamless Services! You Imagine, We Deliver

You put a lot of effort into visualizing and conceptualizing ways to create a more attractive Internet presence, with seamless applications, aesthetic designs, and refreshing experience for your customers business. You strive to offer cutting-edge, innovative online reputation management and online engagement solutions for your customers.

Your engagement with your customers coupled with your ability to strategize, visualize and design can come to life with our expert assistance. We have a multifunctional team of experts who have more than twenty years of experience in building software apps. We perform technical feasibility studies and carefully plan to transform your ideas and creativity into code, and house it in a browser or an application, to create innovative backend dependability, and cutting-edge Content Management Systems (CMS), digital solutions, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), mobile applications software development, an engaging Ux and technology solutions.

As a Web and Mobile App Development Company, we have a team of experienced project managers and graphic designers, Ux designers and coders, and experts in PHP, .Net, JAVA and other technologies including artificial intelligence (AI). Our team also includes power developers in WordPress, Joomla, Liferay, BigCommerce, Volusion and other CMS and eCommerce platforms, smart watch applications and other mobile apps, as well as no-code and low-code developers. As our Web Design partnership, our team can and will do what it takes to make the Internet what you visualize it to be. Our web development agency is ready to meet your needs for a mobile application or an eCommerce or CMS site and provide your customers with a comprehensive, seamless experience. Contact Us today to find out more!

Software Services Designed To Meet Your Needs

Software Application Development, Maintenance and Support Services

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Explore, test, achieve and grow! Grow your business and your reputation with CMS, and innovative eCommerce and Mobile applications.

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BI and Augmented Analytics

ElegantJ BI Tools provide insight from your data, and transform business users to Citizen Data
Scientists. Add BI and Analytics to your solutions for rapid, dependable returns.

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AI, Predictive Analytics and Data Science ServicesData Science Services

Professional Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analysis and Data Science Services to achieve enterprise goals, no matter how complex or detailed.

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Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Security & Compliance Services

Make sure it is right when it goes to market! We’ll put the shine on your software! .

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Low-Code, No-Code (LCNC) Development Services

Cloud-based, platform-as-a-service environs, employing visual programming interfaces.

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Offshore IT Partnership Case Studies

UK IT Consulting: A Relationship and Solutions Spanning More than a Decade

Elegant MicroWeb has worked hand-in-hand with this U.K. based IT consulting company to create scalable IT solutions with an intuitive user interface, and satisfy the high security, eGovernment and accessibility standards mandated by UK public sector IT standards. Our team was there from project inception, studying competitors and markets, and conducting feasibility studies, building prototypes, building and managing product road maps, and providing implementation and support. We have worked with this partner for more than a decade, providing support and solutions for eConsultation, Event Networking Management, Idea Management, ePetitions and Stakeholder Management and Engagement solutions. Our partner uses these solutions to serve more than 40 public authorities in the U.K., and in Scottish and Welsh parliament, city councils and cities, national parks and numerous other renowned private sector companies.

Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance

This performance management and benchmarking consulting business in Glasgow, Scotland asked us to create a new solution. The consulting company outgrew the simplistic reporting and analysis foundation provided by standard office tools and spreadsheets, and was concerned about the security of proprietary and confidential data and process models. We created a new solution to produce clear, concise results, reports and direction so the consulting company customers could easily adapt and develop appropriate strategies and market direction and reduce the time required to engage and complete a consultancy project. The resulting Performance Monitoring, Improvement and Analysis Tool provides integrated web-based performance optimization tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity-based management.

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