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Partnerships are born of opportunity! These partnerships are comprised of unique delivery models, appropriate processes, and methodologies, and a meaningful bond that provides benefits and rewards to all concerned! We work with our partners to develop the right mix of products, services and support to satisfy their needs. Each partnership model is created to enhance and fulfill opportunities for both parties. From the transfer of unique technology to building proprietary technology and protecting intellectual property and confidentiality, we focus on delivering the value of technology and building trust with long-term perspective. We have sustained partnerships lasting nearly two decades! Let us help you build a product, solution or market strategy to achieve your business goals!

Explore our long, fruitful enterprise software development partnership with our valued partner in Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom.

Let Us Build A Solution For You

  • We design, build and implement your vision, quickly, and with precision and accuracy.
  • If you can dream it, we can create it and deliver on that dream!
  • Your solution is not limited by technology
  • We have the resources, skills and knowledge necessary to meet your needs.
  • We have more than two decades of experience in building a wide range of solutions, and we can add value and perspective to every project or ongoing need.

Let Us Provide Technological Expertise

  • We have the skills, training and knowledge you need.
  • We do it all – from special project and staff augmentation, to comprehensive enterprise software services, ongoing maintenance of portals, mobile apps or software applications.
  • We have a wealth of experience in maintenance, business software support, integration, configuration and more!
  • Our team is comprised of individuals with domain, technical and leadership expertise and we demand and sustain excellence with cutting-edge training and career support.

Let Us Solve A Problem

You have been managing your business for years. You know what you need, and we are here to satisfy that need!

  • Perhaps you have a diverse portfolio of applications in-house, with some services in the Cloud, and a shopping portal that leverages a disparate technology. If you want to simplify and integrate technologies and processes – we can make that happen!
  • If your business wants to provide access to a critical enterprise software solutions and application on all types of mobile devices, operating systems and screen sizes – we can make that happen!
  • If your team needs help with user experience design or software re-engineering – we can help you solve that problem!
  • If your business needs to implement one-click shopping technology – we can help you solve that problem!
  • If your business needs to leverage big data and analytics – we can help you leverage these technologies to achieve your vision and grow your business.

We welcome your inquiries and your unique challenges, and we look forward to helping you solve all of your technology problems.

Let Us Maintain, Support, and Manage Your Application

In order to operate in a seamless environment, technology must bring together devices and software from multiple platforms and allow for high performance, simple execution, and easy maintenance, support, and upgrade. We have the skills, experience and cross-platform and framework knowledge to help! We can maintain, support, and manage your entire systems environment, or just the part that needs special focus. We can make your IT staff, your customers and your users happy and productive.

Let Us Help You With Your Citizen Data Scientist Initiative

The Smarten Augmented Analytics solution suite is ideal for business users with sophisticated analytics designed to support business users in a self-serve environment and mobile access to features and tools. Our Smarten Cloud Software-as-a-Service

Predictive Analytics solution is specifically designed for Citizen Data Scientists with access to predictive modeling and business use cases to support swift analysis and modeling without data science or programming skills.

Bundle Our Products With Your Solutions

The objective is for you to gain a competitive edge in your market by leaping ahead of your competitors and increasing your revenues without significant investment.
Enhance the value you provide to your customers by offering an analytical platform on your solution with ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Smarten Advanced AnalyticsSmart Data VisualizationSelf-Serve Data PreparationAssisted Predictive Modeling and Clickless Search Analysis with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning.
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Leverage Our Source Code

Customers and Partners from around the world leverage our portfolio of products, code and technology, and some of our products and components are available with appropriate source code. These components are ready for use and available with comprehensive documentation and source code licenses.

Don’t Wait

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  • Create datasets, dashboards, reports and predictive models. Achieve critical insight in minutes.
    NO data scientist skills or BI expertise required!
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