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Technology, Languages, & Libraries We Specialize In

Elegant MicroWeb takes pride in its ability to have been able to fulfill the unique and versatile requirements of our clients for more than 27 years in the field. This has been possible, thanks to our experience and skills in bleeding-edge, world-renowned, and prominent technologies. Explore the scope of our capabilities here: 

Programming Languages and Frameworks

JAVA: For two decades, our team has provided support for the Java ecosystem of frameworks and application servers, 3rd party libraries, testing, technical feasibility, application re-engineering, UX design, content management systems and portals, architecture, app design, development, mobile apps, software re-engineering, and software product development projects.

.NET Framework: We are a Certified Microsoft partner, with more than a decade of technology and client experience in .NET and related Microsoft technologies. We are skilled in Microsoft.NET app development, desktop, web systems, and custom apps.

PHP Framework: With two decades of PHP development experience in numerous PHP technologies and frameworks, including Laravel, our team of certified PHP developers, architects, and interface designers has experience in PHP scripting languages, architecture, UX design for mobile apps and smartwatches, app re-engineering, product design, migration, upgrade, etc.

Python: We offer a wealth of Python services and skills to support Python application development, including data engineering, data science, software re-engineering, rapid application development, UX design, and user interface design, with skills in PyCharm, VSCode IDEs, Flask, Django Panda and Pynum libraries.

Salesforce: We are a Salesforce-certified development team with expertise in Salesforce development, including design, configuration, integration, and implementation of the Salesforce framework. Our experience includes custom development using Visualforce, Apex API, Apex controller components and triggers, customized email templates, workflows, and integration of apps, as well as migration to Salesforce.

Angular: Our team provides reliable Angular web and mobile application development services, leveraging the power of Angular for lightweight, high-performing, scalable applications that are responsive and adaptive and support desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

MEAN Stack: We provide reliable MEAN Stack web and mobile application development services, leveraging one of the most powerful platforms for cross-platform development to produce a rich variety of applications and opportunities.

Node JS: Node JS is a cross-platform, open-source server solution that runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more. Our expert Node.js developers can leverage the power of this environment to develop scalable, high-performance applications for desktops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Flutter: Our team provides reliable Flutter hybrid mobile application development services to produce a variety of applications and opportunities.

Content Management Systems (CMS)


Our dedicated Joomla consulting includes theme design and implementation, migration, technical support, technical and data architecture, installation and configuration, and component and plug-in development with experienced, comprehensive offshore Joomla support and development services for content management systems.


Our experience and skills in Drupal consulting are supported by a team of expert Drupal programmers, delivering theme design, implementation, technical support, data architecture services, migration, portal design, and content management systems.


Our team of skilled architects, developers, and interface designers has years of experience in design and development using the Liferay Portal framework, tools, and technologies to create websites, content management systems, intranet applications, and simple customization for preferences and needs.


DotCMS skills and experience include portal development and integration, portal customization, plug-in development, eCommerce development, content management system design, and technical feasibility expertise to create document management and other content management environs.


With extensive experience working with the WordPress framework and more than ten years working with PHP technology and open-source components, our team of architects, developers, and interface designers has built CMS sites, blogs, and websites with integration, customization, and plug-ins to provide support for complex requirements.


Our team of UX designers, architects, and developers has more than ten years of experience in .NET technology and is experienced in Umbraco design, working with clients and partners around the world to deliver content management systems and Umbraco projects.


We provide Sharepoint design and development, technical support, integration, dedicated offshore services, and expert SharePoint resources for portal solutions, document management, group collaboration, event management, project and process management, and community solutions.


Enjoy the benefits of our wealth of experience in Kentico CMS development, CMS website design, CMS development, and eCommerce development. For more than ten years, our team has been working with .NET technology, and our skilled architects, developers, and UX designers are here to help you succeed with your content management system project.


Volusion: Our Volusion® team includes experts with experience in many eCommerce business applications, from a simple redesign of existing web stores to complex projects with ERP, fulfillment, tax system and third-party services integration, credit verification systems, product catalogs, shopping cart customization, store redesign and setup, and theme design and development.

BigCommerce: Our BIgCommerce experts provide support and services for requirements planning, design, development, hosted eCommerce configuration, implementation, cross-platform development, integration, custom development, theme design, and shopping carts with marketing tools for promotional campaigns, coupons, newsletters, and more than one hundred built-in features.

Magento: Discover our Magento eCommerce services, including installation, setup, and configuration; third-party system integration; theme development and support for inventory management; multivendor marketplaces; product catalogs for wholesalers and distributors; website support and upgrade; and migration to support rapid growth and customer engagement.

Shopify: As your Shopify partner, we can help you transform your vision into reality with cutting-edge services and a wealth of experience and skills in store setup and configuration, theme design and development, third-party accounting, fulfillment, credit, and ERP system integration, custom coding and development, and world-class support for your eCommerce store, online store, eStore, and online sales website.

Mobile Apps


Engage expert iPhone developers for mobile app development and create solutions to accommodate smart watches and iPhones and all types of mobile devices for business apps, email, calendar and organizer apps, audio and video, GIS and GPS, social networking, mobile CMS, and more. We are skilled in UX design, mobile app testing, third-party integration, web apps and web services integration, and enterprise app integration.


Leverage our skills in iPad app design and development to create video, music, publishing, entertainment, and social apps. Our wealth of experience includes architecture, design, and development; integration with CMS, portals, and enterprise apps; manual and automated testing; configuration of app stores; UX design; smart watches; web app and web service integration; and app migration and upgrade services.

Smart Watches

Capitalize on the booming smartwatch market with our experienced, skilled team. We provide interface design, integration with other systems, testing, configuration for app stores, migration, and upgrades with dedicated resources to ensure success for your mobile app development project, seamless function to accommodate various models, screen sizes, and platforms, and appropriate use of technologies to satisfy your business needs.


Ensure your success with our services. We provide UX design and improvement, architectural design and development services, and skilled manual and automated testing services. Integrate your CMS, portal, enterprise apps, and smartwatch apps with our world-class team experience and skills. Ensure successful configuration, migration, and upgrades.

Hybrid Mobile App

We provide hybrid mobile app development services that leverage only one application and one code base and perform seamlessly across all targeted platforms.

Big Data And Cloud

Our team has cutting-edge skills and a wealth of experience in delivering Big Data and Cloud services. Our big data services include technical feasibility and selection, proof of concept, data migration and integration, data sizing, aggregation, updates, and retention, data provisioning for enterprise apps, and leveraging predictive analytics. Our cloud expertise includes application reengineering for the cloud, cloud app architecture, design and development, proof of concept, costing and sizing, and technical feasibility and selection.

Spark: Spark development tools include Spark SQL, DataFrames, MLIB, Spark Streaming, Spark Cluster, and Yarn and are used to develop analytics, large data apps, cloud apps for AWS, tuning/optimizing performance, and software products.

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics

Requirements, project plans, design and iteration of predictive and forecasting models, data modeling using ETL, data warehousing and other technologies, R, Spark, Mlib, and other programming, testing, scalability, etc. 

ETL, Datawarehouse, and Data Engineering

A full suite of skills provides comprehensive coverage for platform/technology feasibility, framework and tool selection, data retention, aggregation, volumes, velocity and gravity, compatibility, security, and infrastructure. 

Augmented Analytics and Modern Business Intelligence

Recognized by Gartner, Smarten augmented analytics is a comprehensive solution that transforms users into Citizen Data Scientists with Smart Data Visualization, Self-Serve Data Prep, Assisted Predictive Modeling and natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and user tools like auto-suggestions for visualization and predictive analytics recommendations.

These are just a few of the technology skills our team can apply to your business projects. Visit our Enterprise Technologies page for a complete listing of the tools, languages, frameworks, platforms, and solutions our team uses to address global client requirements.

If you’re looking for unmatched Enterprise software services with cutting-edge technology, skills, and experience, feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities and find out how we can help you achieve your technology and business goals.

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