Spark Architecture, Application Development & Support

Spark Development & Support

The Elegant MicroWeb team is ready to help you achieve your vision with comprehensive Spark technology and development skills and an approach that is based on a rich portfolio of experience and success.

  • Extensive experience with Spark libraries like Spark SQL and DataFrames, MLIB (Machine Learning), Spark Streaming
  • Skilled at developing analytics engine for large scale data using Spark SQL and MLib
  • Seamless design and implementation of scalable Spark applications on cluster environment such as Spark Cluster and Yarn cluster
  • Experience with tuning and optimizing performance for enterprise scale Spark applications
  • Outstanding design and development of Spark applications with data sources like HDFS, Hive, Parquet, Avro, ORC, Cassandra and others
  • Skilled in development of custom data connectors for Spark SQL and Spark Streaming
  • Experience in development of big data ETL utilities with complex business logic on DataFrames, RDDs and Spark Streaming
  • Skilled design and development of predictive algorithms implementation with Machine learning using Spark MLib
  • A knowledgeable, skilled team of Architects, Developers and Data scientists
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Exceptional Spark Expertise

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Architecture
  • Product Design, Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Application Design, Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Application Reengineering with Cluster-based application design and deployment for Spark standalone cluster and Yarn cluster
  • Deployment of enterprise applications with Spark architecture on-premises, and on public clouds such as AWS

White Label Partnerships

We partner with the best global IT providers, web agencies and consultants to complement our partner product and service offerings and provide valuable benefits to partner customers. Click Here Explore our long, fruitful software development partnership with our valued partner in Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom. Find out how we can help you (and your customers) to succeed.

We Built Our Own Enterprise Scale Products In Java

We transformed our Business Intelligence suite ElegantJ BI to Smarten Augmented Analytics, that support transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

Our Augmented Analytics Platform

Traditional BI and Modern Analytics in one platform

These are just a few of the technology skills our team can apply to your business projects. Visit our Enterprise Technologies page for a complete listing of the tools, languages, frameworks, platforms and solutions our team uses to address global client requirements.

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